PSYCH-K® is an easy to use tool to change subconscious beliefs. These are the beliefs that are the cause of all the habits in our lives. Most people find it difficult to change habits but with PSYCH-K it is easy.

PSYCH-K® is based on a lot of neuroscience research of right and left brain integration or brain dominance theory. The idea is to reduce the resistance to internalising a new idea. Most of us have used positive thinking, will power and a lot of effort to change our lives.

PSYCH-K® first of all reduces resistance to the new idea and then internalizes it very easily through various processes that integrate the right and left hemisphere of the brain.

We used to think genes control our life. So that our fate is already determined at the moment we are born. We though our genes determine many different type of illnesses. Dr Lipton’s research proved this was completely false. It is our mind, our consciousness that controls our genes. I may ask myself why I am not creating the world that I want. Then we find out that there are two levels of consciousness.

The conscious mind, which is connected to our spirituality and personal identity and the subconscious mind which is like a database. The programmes we get in the subconscious mind comes from the last trimester of pregnancy to 7 years of age, where there is intense programming . The programming is less after 7 years of age. So whatever I observe in the world from before 7 years of age from my parents and family. I downloaded their behaviour. These are my programmes. So if their lives are not good, our programmes are not good.

It turns out 95% of our lives comes from the programmes in our subconscious mind not from the creative spiritual conscious mind. So if I have great wishes and pure desires from the conscious mind but my life is coming from the programmes in my subconscious mind I can experience struggles in my life.

PSYCH-K® is one of the most effective ways to change programmes. When I change the programmes and write them the way I want them. Then I can manifest my wishes and desires. I am the creator but I have been creating other people’s programmes. With PSYCH-K® I can put in my programmes which will have love, happiness and good health.

Rob says PSYCH-K® is the key to unlock our power and our light. All the answers are within. Our entire world is a creation of our perceptions, values, attitudes, and beliefs. By shifting those beliefs we are aligning our mind , body and spirit in one unified consciousness that print out as a Divine spark.

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