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If you have any questions about PSYCH-K® fill in the form below to arrange a chat to explore how PSYCH-K® can help you. On our discovery call we can discuss where you are on your journey of achieving success in your goals.

You may know what you want, but if you are not fully achieving it. There are subconscious beliefs and programs holding you back. Whatever the underlying hidden causes, we can explore the blockages that are not allowing you to achieve your goals.

PSYCH-K Single session: €65euros. 60 minutes.

Can be done in person, Skype or remotely. We will work through the pressing issues when it comes to your subconscious blockages. This is a time to explore without judgement , what has been holding you back.

We will work through your goals and receive guidance to clarify them to create beliefs that serve you. We will use the PSYCH-K® processes to reprogram your subconscious mind to bring it into alignment by establishing subconscious beliefs that enhance your goals and draw up an action plan to integrate the changes. Creating subconscious beliefs create
potential. Putting them into action creates results.

Next Steps:

You will receive notes and a copy of your agreed action plan to start working towards your goals with both conscious and subconscious minds on the same team. Following this if you wish to contact me again for deeper work you can book a 1-1 private 60 minute session on skype. We will speak about your progress. We can take the changes even deeper as we work through the level of goals and challenges relevant to you.

We will do this using more belief changes and make any adjustments to your action plan
so that you can navigate your journey and transform any doubt into confidence.

PSYCH-K®3 sessions: €180

3 sessions are ideal if you are working with numerous goals and challenges in your life.
We can create new beliefs and perceptions which open up new possibilities for your progress.

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    You may need to complete the Client Intake Form before attending a session with me. Alternatively, download the PDF version of the form, complete the details required and email it back to me.