I would recommend Healing with Metaphors sessions with Margaret. She facilitated very deep healingwork which helped me to unlock personal images and Metaphors to connect with and heal. The amount we achieved in each session amazes me, Margaret helped me to open my heart, and understand myself deeply. In the course of our sessions we explored my dreams, my relationship with my mother, my current goals, my memories of my Grandparents and my spiritual life. All of these themes arose from images that Margaret helped me discover within me. Margaret has been a grounding and gentle support throughout the process. Thank you so much Margaret. I can’t thank you enough.

Anna Price – London

Metaphors. What is Inner Imagery Metaphors and how can it help me?

Inner imagery Metaphors is a process which you can gain a lot of information reliably and quickly about any aspect of yourself and your life. Gaining an intuitional image that represents your issue can save a lot of time getting to the core of the issue very quickly. We can use different types of metaphor imagery to do different jobs.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes , but in having new eyes.

Margaret Proust

For example if you want to know how a project is progressing you could gain a building or a road metaphor to show you your present position. If you need help with emotional or relationship problems the use of animal metaphors will work well for you.

If you are working with issues that affect the flow of your life, or flow of money in your life, water as an inner imagery would be the best to give you answers . If you want to know how you are coping in your life and about your driving force, your energy levels then a vehicle would be an obvious choice.

Always stay in your own movie

Ken Kesey


There are exercises we use in Self-Referencing- IITM that help people who have experienced trauma. It is a very gentle and non invasive process. People don’t have to re-live their experiences.

Traumatic memories can be repressed and lay undetected for years without people realizing that much of their continued suffering comes from that source, especially if these experiences were when they were young.

Unless the situation is complex these painful memories that replay over and over again can be comfortably released permanently in a few sessions.

I would highly recommend healing with Margaret using Metaphors. She has a unique gift. She is also very dedicated to her work. She has helped me so much in coming to terms with the turbulent relationship with my late mother. It was amazing the stuff that emerged to the surface during our sessions together. There were many experiences that were buried for years, that needed to be acknowledged and healed. Margaret was able to navigate my journey through them in a gentle way using her unique therapy. I was always in a safe place with Margaret.

She made me realize that the past doesn’t define us. Regardless of our experience in the early years. Margaret has also helped me with my relationships at work that were very stressful and challenging. I now feel more relaxed and confident and enjoy my work. Thank you Margaret for being a wonderful soul in these times of uncertainty.
We need people like you.


Most of us take our dreams for granted. Some people considering them inconsequential meanderings of our mind churning over the previous day’s events. Yet dreams are way more than this.

They are a form of metaphoric inner communication system bringing aspects of ourselves, internal commentary, advice and observation to our conscious mind. They are totally natural and even vital to our health on all levels.

Dreams are in fact an imagery based form of internal communication that gives us a powerful insight into how our life is progressing. Working with the inner imagery of your dreams is a very valuable method of changing your life for the better.

“I have just had an amazing dream interpretation session with Margaret. Wow! That went really deep! We started with me picturing a famous person from my dream, and then seeing if I can associate an image with him. Margaret used a clearing statement to clear some energy to allow me to go deeper. I can’t go into everything, as it was so personal, but I learned that this famous person is a mother image to me, as my mother was an intelligent working woman. I cannot believe the amount of healing in one session. There I was thinking it would be really light, and about me, wanting to date a famous man, but it went so much deeper. Thank you so much Margaret.”

Anna Price – London

How does Inner Imagery work?

Inner Imagery includes three main tools.

  • Assemblage point .( Put 2 hands on Assemble point) Processing method.
  • Muscle testing.
  • Inner Imagery. This enables direct intuitive connection with your inner wisdom through the natural response system and metaphor Imagery. This combination of tools enables accurate communication between the parts of us that we can and cannot see to gain both information not readily available to the conscious mind and create beneficial change of both physical and psychological states.
Mary Woodthorpe - Founder
Mary Woodthorpe – Founder of of Inner Imagery Transformational metaphrs
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